Why Hire a Moving Company?

I think it's safe to say that most people get very stressed out when it comes to moving.The average person will move 12 times in their life and each move is generally considered a something like a 'necessary evil'. Moving is complex and involves careful planning and timing.

Before renting a U-Haul truck, I decided to search Google for U-Haul complaints. Whoa! There were actually 438,000 pages of results. I learned that on the Consumer Affairs website, there were 279 complaints and reviews, with over 96% dissatisfied with U-Haul company service!

Then I noticed there were 29 reports on Ripoff.com, where people were so upset that they actually took the time to write up their story and post it there. There were even whole websiteslike www.dontuseuhaul.com and www.uhaul-sucks.com,created by people so upset with U-Haul they went to this extreme.

After skimming over some of these complaints, I get the idea that renting a truck and moving myself could very easily become a real nightmare. The truck could break down, or not be available at all when needed.

Considering how complex moving is, and how numerous people and factors all depend on keeping the move on a schedule, do I really want to trust in the U-Haul truck? I think not. So instead, I hired a professional moving company that was licensed and been around for over 30 years. They do this stuff every day and so they are experts in seeing to it that all goes smoothly.

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