Everyone that moves faces a unique set of challenges. Depending on how far the move is, there are many logistics to handle before, during and after the move. To help make this somewhat easier to do, lets consider some basic tips that apply to all moving situations.

  1. Get Organized - Set up a brief case as your "command center". Use this to keep all your lists, documents, receipts, and other paperwork relating to the move in one place. To complete your portable office, throw in a tablet, marker pens, pencils, sharpener, scissors, a stapler, staples, paper clips, scotch tape, a box of band-aids, some aspirins, and tissues.
  2. Packing - Start with the things you rarely use, and leave for last those things you use the most. Try to group similar items into each box. Keep in mind that soon, you will be looking for stuff you need at the new house. Label every box by the room it came from and what the contents are. It is best to use more than one label per box. The more sides you label, the less frustration you'll have finding everything needed later.
  3. Camping Kit - This should stay with you and your family throughout the move. As you begin the day of the move, you and your family will need some basics. During this process you will get thirsty and hungry and tired. Prepare enough food and drink to last your family through the move, and the first day at the new place. Other items your kit should include are; flashlight, batteries, blankets, small pillows, and whatever else that will help your family be comfortable during the move.
  4. Loading the Truck - Keep in mind that what goes in first will come out last. Start loading the truck with the least important items that you will want when you arrive at the new place. Load the most important items last, the things you will need right away. Then, they will be unloaded first and readily available.
  5. Unloading the Truck - With your carefully labeled boxes guiding the process, make sure that those involved put each box in the room where it belongs. If you don't, you have just doubled your work. Why move a box for bath #2 from the truck to the living room? You will then have to move it again, to the bath. You may want to store those items you rarely use, that should be loaded first and unloaded last, in the garage. That will reduce the clutter in the house.
  6. Unpacking - Since you placed each box in the room where it belongs, unpacking is so much easier. And since you have the most important items loaded last and unloaded first, they are also the first to unpack.

These tips are generalized in order to be useful in most any moving situation. If you need help with your move, you can also talk with the moving experts at Discount Moving Company. Give them a call at; (855) 423-7987.