When I was young and just starting out I did the whole “do it yourself” move and called my family and friends.  The only issue with that savings was the stress of watching them handle my valuables.  They saw worthless things and I saw the only thing I owned. Needless to say sometimes I lost a thing or two or had things scratched or dented.

Then as my profession progressed so did my savings and I debated should I pay for a mover? Will they be worth it?  Well, it was AWESOME! Not only did I feel like a princess having all those men packing and moving for me, all my stuff was intact.  So after I learned how easy and enjoyable moving can be I never stopped hiring a mover.

I was still left with some issues, not the movers or my valuables.  The movers took that stress away. What I didn’t look for prior to renting or buying my new home was my new stress.   One home was infested with termites and if I would have checked for droppings or chew marks I would have saved myself from experiencing an embarrassing moment when the termites began to swarm in March. I thought I was in a movie “bugs attacking”. So I began to swing my arms around my head and yelled for my dear life as I ran outside with my robe and slippers on.  After all the neighbors came out, I was informed by several of giggling neighbors, what they were and how I could get rid of them. I was still left with an additional expense.

If I would have brought my cell phone charger and tested the outlets I would have known that I only had one working outlet in my bedroom and saved myself the headache of chasing down my landlord to repair the additional outlets.  In that same apartment I didn’t check for leaks under the sinks which I might not have found but if I lifted the cabinet liner I would have noticed the discoloration on the cabinet floors.

Another apartment I leased for two years to save on an increase after the first year almost cost me my job and sanity. Due to the water pressure, if I would have checked it I would have known that drip was not enough to shower under. So if anyone in the 42 unit apartments used the water during my shower it would take me two veins on my husband’s forehead to just rinse out my hair.

So be forewarned don’t just think that structure and location is everything. So do the research and bring a list of what the experts say you should check before signing on the dotted line.

Oh and hire movers because they make everything seem like you’re the genie in “I dream of genie”. Just a cross of the arms and shake of the head and you’re done.