One month prior to moving day

  • Contact Discount Moving Company at 855 423-7987 for a free estimate
  • Order moving boxes and packing supplies. if you call us, we will deliver those to you
  • If you choose to pack yourself, begin packing items you don’t use often or we can do that for you
  • Donate unwanted items
  • Notify the post office
  • Notify doctors, dentists, and other health service providers
  • Notify your work

Two weeks before moving day

  • Make arrangements for time off from work
  • Notify your local department of motor vehicles and your driver license
  • Notify utility companies

o   Telephone

o   Electric

o   Water

o   Gas/Oil

o   Cable/Internet service provider

o   Home Security/Alarm

One week before moving

  • Separate fragile boxes and special items in one area
  • Isolate checkbook, keys, passport, plane tickets, cash, credit cards and all important items
  • Make traveling arrangement for your pets
  • Empty and defrost refrigerator
  • Fill any prescriptions


Moving Day

  • Check every room and closet one last time
  • Enjoy your new home!