Moving a business is usually more complicated than moving a home. The more employees that are involved, the more complex things can be. The key to a successful, low-stress move for your company is to be very organized. So create your own custom checklist using the guide below, then follow it carefully and completely.

  1. Create a written moving schedule.
  2. On the schedule, include the dates that you need to inform customers, vendors and others about the move. Be sure to include any specialists, such as IT or equipment companies you may need.
  3. One of the most important things to do when moving a company is to insure that your customers know you are moving. It is wise to inform them several times of your new address, well before the move happens.
  4. Create a blueprint map of the new office/space and decide where each employee will go, and where all furniture, equipment, supplies, etc. will be located.
  5. Delegate all needed moving related tasks to employees.
  6. Get quotes from moving companies, check references and book movers.
  7. Following the moving schedule, contact all service providers and confirm installation dates, including phones, Internet, Post Office, power and water.
  8. Decide what can be packed in advance and what gets packed last.
  9. Purchase adequate boxes and packing supplies.
  10. Insure that equipment has been properly prepared for moving and labeled. Get help from the manufacturer if needed.
  11. Provide packing instructions to employees or professional packers (if hiring); make sure boxes are properly packed and labeled with office location, importance, and content
  12. Prepare furniture for moving and label each piece so it will be moved to the correct area of the new space using your blueprint map as a guide.
  13. Label the furniture and give the map to the movers so they know where to place items, including packed boxes.
  14. Make arrangements for the moving truck to load at the old office location, and unload at the new location. Talk to the neighboring businesses, in both old and new locations, and get their agreements as to where the truck(s) will park to load and unload.

Moving can also be used as a great excuse to announce to your customers a “Sale” or special offer, right after the move. This helps retain old customers.

Enjoy your new space.