The Tampa area is a popular location and relocating to Tampa Bay offers great opportunities. Tampa is located in of Hillsborough county in Florida. It is 170.6 square miles in size, is situated along the western coast of the state, and has a population as of 2013 close to 353,000 people.

The city is very important to the county and is well known for having one of the largest ports in the country. With a growing population, Tampa is becoming increasingly popular and there are significant regeneration projects in the downtown areas.

Tampa has a fairly mixed demography with the primary language being English, and a significant proportion of individuals living in the city speaking Spanish, French, or Italian at home.

Tampa Bay’s Climate

Thunderstorms are common throughout the warm, humid summers, with temperatures reaching highs of 89.9°F. The average annual temperature is 72.3°F. Tampa has a humid, subtropical climate. The records show that it usually rains about 106 days of the year.

There is an average of 246 sunny days in Tampa annually. Tampa does not usually get any snow; unlike the nation’s 27 inches each year average. The potential for rainfall in Tampa on the other hand is much higher than that of the rest of the country, recorded at an average of 47 inches per year, compared to 37 inches for the whole of the U.S.

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