In previous articles, we have mentioned that you should have a Moving Survival Kit when you move. Although we had a few examples of what that kit should contain, here is a more comprehensive list.

  1. Toilet paper (notice this is at the top!)
  2. flashlight (so you can find #1)
  3. Change of clothes (for all)
  4. Pencils and paper
  5. Toiletries
  6. Scissors
  7. screwdrivers
  8. drill
  9. hammer
  10. Utility knife
  11. Snacks (ready to eat)
  12. Instant coffee/tea
  13. Coffee cups
  14. Kettle
  15. Bottled water
  16. Soft drinks
  17. Cell phone & chargers
  18. Paper plates & cups
  19. plastic utensils
  20. Paper towels
  21. Bed sheets
  22. Towels
  23. Alarm clock
  24. Soap
  25. Cleaning supplies
  26. Pet food and supplies
  27. Masking or duct tape
  28. garbage bags
  29. Your favorite adult beverage (enough to help you sleep that first night)
  30. several glasses (to enjoy your beverage in style)

With these modern essentials, loaded into a box clearly marked “Survival Kit”, your move should be much smoother and less stressful.