Last December, the census showed Florida, with a population of 19.9 million, had passed New York’s 19.7 million. This makes Florida the third largest state, behind California (38.8 million) and Texas (27 million).

Besides the prestige, population alos determines levels of federal funding and the number of congressional seats. In 2010, Florida gained two seats in the House of Representatives while New York lost two.

Our population in Florida has been steadily growing for over half a century. Northerners have been migrating south in ever increasing numbers, not only for the sunny weather, but due to Florida’s improving economy.

Statistics indicate that New York is the top source of Florida’s population increase. So when someone moves here, it takes away one from New York and adds one to Florida.

This doesn’t mean that New York is shrinking, it’s just not growing as fast as Florida. Lots of people move to New York from many other states and countries.

According to census figures, from July 1, 2013 to July 1, 2014, New York increased by 51,000, a rate of about 140 per day. In that same period, Florida’s population increased by 293,000, a rate of 803 people a day.