According to the Tampa Bay Times, the 2015 economic indicators for the Tampa Bay area are continuing to show momentum. Here are some of the reasons why Tampa’s a great place to move to:

Low Unemployment – Two years ago, Tampa Bay’s jobless rate was 8.1 percent, a year ago it was 6.5 percent, and now it’s down to 5.8 percent.

Wages increasing – 200 lesser-paid Aetna employees in Tampa Bay just got raises to $16 an hour. City of St. Pete workers are also getting a boost to $15 an hour and Pinellas County has similar plans to boost employee wages.

Getting a Job – Tampa is now in 24th place among 150 major cities to find a job.

Future Job Outlook – In 2004, Tampa/Hillsborough delivered 10 projects including 749 jobs and $38 million worth of investment. In 2014, 31 projects were announced, including 4,532 jobs and $614 million of investments. Developer/philanthropist Kiran Patel this past week broke ground on the $175 million Wyndham Grand Resort Clearwater Beach. Then there is the Tampa International Airport renovation and expansion of nearly $1 billion that includes construction of a mile-long people mover and a huge rental car facility. These and many other major development projects point to more jobs in the Tampa area.

Population Growth – Last year, Florida became the nation’s No. 3 state in population, passing New York. This happens when more people choose to come here over somewhere else.

Low Gas Prices – A year ago, bay area gas averaged $3.33 a gallon. Now it’s $2.04 and still falling. That’s a major stimulus for any household that drives a lot and for businesses that deliver.

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