Moving with children can be challenging when there are many personal belongings and you are moving from Point A to B. Whether you are a single parent or your partner is helping you, making sure that your kids are safe will make the day run smoothly. If you are a single parent, find a family member that you trust or a baby sitter to watch your children until you are done. As a Tampa movers there are no rules in the industry on how to childproof your move, but our tips will keep you and your child in good hands.

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Here are the Tampa Movers Tips to Follow


  • Label the boxes with your medications and when you get to your new place put them in an area of your home that is hard for your children to reach. Sharp objects such as scissors, knives, and box cutters need to be put in a small box inside of a large box, just in case it accidentally drops and a utensil falls out.


  • We recommend that you use cleaning products that are mild or made with natural products when you get to your new place. Even poisonous chemicals need to be treated the same, especially if you have a curious toddler.


  • Watch closely for electrical outlets, plants, toilets, floor lamps, bookshelves and other heavy furniture. One forgotten item can lead to injury or even death, and as an experienced Tampa movers; we want to ensure that you are smiling after we help you move your personal items.


  • If you can’t find a babysitter on moving day, watch your kids every 30 minutes. Pay attention to what they are attracted to and that it is not an object that can hurt them. If the item that they are playing with is potentially dangerous, put it in a place your child cannot reach. This can be a high place hiding inside of a counter or a room that is locked.

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