Tampa Movers Know How to College Move

You are off to your first year of University and moving across the country is starting to become stressful. Maybe you decided to move from one school to another and it is located on the other side of town. You’re most likely trying to figure out where to start and considered calling a group of your friends to help you, but no one has a reliable truck. Discount Moving Company can help you get there and as a reliable Tampa Movers, it is in our best interest to get you from point A to Z. Don’t make the mistake most students fall victim to by doing it by yourself. Renting a truck might seem like the answer but picking up and moving heavy items will only put a strain on your back and can cause damage or injuries. Give us a call at 855-423-7987 and schedule your move today!

Think About Downsizing

As a Tampa Movers we all know that favorite stuffed animal you like or a stack of magazines you used to keep in your parents basement. A major challenge when moving into a bachelor apartment, a shared house or a dormitory is limited space. We recommend you sort and pack the belongings that will fit in your new place. Try making extra money by having a garage sale or give back to the community and give your unwanted items to a second-hand store.

Tampa Movers Pay Attention to A Dorm List

Before you leave for university or college the school will send a list of items you can bring with you which is a good start. There will be forbidden items we recommend you pay attention to. The last thing you want to do is pack a microwave and have to throw it out or mail it back home to your parents for storage. This is one of the best tips Tampa movers can give you.

Consult Your Roommate

In a dormitory the living arrangements are usually set up with at least one or more students. Ask them what items they plan on bringing with them. If you have the same item there is a possibility of sharing. It will also give you more room to pack other personal belongings.

Keep it Fresh and Clean

Sharing a bathroom with roommates may not always be the most desirable situation to be in. On the bright side, you can make the most of it by bringing cleaning supplies and toiletries that includes towels, hand soap, sponges and rags, a mop, bucket and toilet paper.

Call Our Tampa Movers Company!

The best way to have a stress free move is to call our Tampa Movers Discount Moving Company 2 to 4 weeks before you move. Let us take care of the work and save you the time and potential injuries when moving all by yourself.