Tampa Movers Tips Lower Expenses When Moving in With Your Significant Other

The wedding bells stopped ringing, and the reality of moving in with your significant other is official. If you are in a common-law partnership than it is still an uneasy or exciting time in the relationship. What you need to avoid is moving in and incurring over the top expenses because the two of you forgot to sit down and have a talk.

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Taking Care of Cell Phone Bills

When two becomes one, we all want a landline telephone that can combine with a family plan to lower monthly bill cell phone costs. Review the terms and conditions plus the existing contract to avoid paying a penalty fee for closing an account before the contract ends.

Gym Memberships

If you don’t live in a Condo with a gym on the first floor, you can still save money on a joint gym membership. Call local gyms to find out the cheapest weekly or monthly plan that will fit your budget. There are some gyms that offer a membership for couples for affordable rates.

Managing Grocery Store Purchases

In the case that you and your partner have the same food tastes, the lobster you used to eat when you lived alone, or the sparkling water that mattered to you before might have come to an end. Instead of shopping for a one-off item, buy in bulk at stores like Sam’s Club or Costco. Coupons that arrive in your mailbox might not be ideal but saving between $5 to $10 every month can be money used for other things.

As Tampa movers, we want to help you save money any what that you can.

The Importance of Transportation

It is possible that the two of you are talking about the idea of downsizing a fancy car or selling one of your automobiles. When you realize how much you save in car insurance, repairs, and gas, it will give you peace of mind. Ask a colleague to carpool if your girlfriend or wife works on the other side of town.

Speak with your auto insurance about consolidating insurance to add a car to your spouse’s monthly bill. Consider the idea of public transportation and share a bus pass to take advantage of savings.

How to Handle Health Insurance

Sit down together and figure out who has the better health insurance plan. Make your selection and join plans with your spouse. One of the challenges of sharing liability insurance is if you are not married to your partner, it may not be worthwhile to combine.

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As Tampa movers, we know how exciting it can be to move in with your partner but being responsible and looking at the small details can help make a big difference in your monthly expenses. Remember to use us for your next commercial or residential move. Have a Happy New Year!