Our Tampa movers notice that there used to be a time when next door neighbors would welcome you into the neighborhood with a warm apple pie or home cooked food. Now that times have changed and people are becoming more reliant on their digital devices, some believe that the real sense of ‘community’ is not the way it used to be. Our grandparents can remember how the neighborhood felt like a big family. Mothers would watch through their windows as their children played and people knew almost every family name no matter what size of a community they lived in.

Health studies show that people live longer when they have friends to enjoy good times with and if there is a sense of community, it makes one feel happier. All it takes is a few minutes to walk outside your home and start a conversation with a neighbor. One act of kindness a day will hopefully keep the doctor away.

The next time you see a new neighbor moving in, here are a few helpful tips to make them feel welcome.

  1. If you live in a community with a home owner’s association, find out interesting facts about your neighbor before they move in. Do they own a dog? Are they moving for a new job? Better yet, knock on their door and learn more about them. They might be surprised but thankful that there is someone in the community they can talk to.
  2. Delicious food is always the first idea to consider. Show up with a tray of cupcakes or store bought food. In between moving, there is a likely chance that your neighbors are not only tired but hungry. A light snack will help them keep their energy levels up and will be an icebreaker to get a conversation started. If there is a long holiday coming up, invite them to a family barbecue. If those ideas aren’t interesting to you, ask your wife to get a basket of goodies from a local store and deliver it the next day after they move in.
  3. Another creative idea our Tampa movers came up with is introducing your neighbor to other families in the area. Moving is a stressful experience and what is even more challenging is a newbie not knowing who to talk when they need advice about the area. Offer to give them a list of a good dentist, restaurants, a plumber, handyman, physicians, and stores nearby. It will save them a lot of time having to search for this information on the internet, and there is always a chance that they might not find exactly what they are looking for on their own. A list is an easy way to help them, and they can easily pin it on a wall or stick it on the refrigerator for future reference.
  4. A good plate of food and a helpful list may not be the way you want to welcome a neighbor. Ask them if they need help with moving boxes unpacked. A little hospitality goes a long way. Speak with them about having a welcome party within the first week of their welcome. Invite people in the surrounding area and set up an entertaining night of fun. You can play Monopoly, Family Feud or simply start conversations with an icebreaker game.

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