If you’re out in the market kicking tires on hiring a moving company, then we suggest you hire local. We get it, we’re biased; but if you’re looking for people who are going to care about not breaking your china, not saw-zawing your box spring in half and not losing half your things, then local is the way to go.

Here’s why:


Unlike your national conglomerate, local moving companies need you to be happy in order to sustain success. They’ll take the time to give you a little something extra, they’ll treat you better and they’ll likely take the time necessary to do the job right. And above all else – the internet helps you figure out whether they’re really putting their money where their mouth is. Don’t be afraid to cross check their reputation online.



Simply put, moving is rough on everyone. It’s a much better experience when you can trust in the people who are helping you get from here to there. Especially when you add in the additional stress of moving long distance, there’s a lot that can get lost in translation and frankly – a lot that can get lost period. But with a local mover, you’re likely dealing with a company on the smaller side. Because so much of their success is built on reputation, their teams are usually supervised closely and in some cases – you’ll have direct contact with the owner, themselves. They are looking for business and will almost always take your experience into consideration when making decisions.


They’re experts

A smooth move is almost directly attributed to the attention to detail a company takes and trust us when we tell you that movers take a lot of details into account. When it comes to getting things from here to there and moving them in and out of spaces, they’ll know the tricks, angles and tactics to make the move quick and easy. Can’t get a couch out the door in an aging house? Watch them pop a window. Having a hard time squeezing that box spring up the stairs? Behold – the magic of the bend fold! These guys are used to dealing with all sorts of sticky situations – the kinds that get couples to yell at each other on the stairs while kids shake their heads.  At the very least, they’ll take the edge off your next big move.


It’s just convenient

Look, we know you’re probably capable of doing a lot of things on your own. But moving – from packing things away, to arranging boxes in the back of your car, to borrowing your buddies’ truck – it adds up when it comes to time and stress. A few paid hours of labor can make even the most complex move a million times more convenient and dare we say – enjoyable. So next time you’re looking for a Clearwater moving company, think local!