When people consider moving companies – a lot of time it comes down to the price they have to pay to move things from here to there. But moving companies can do a lot more to make your life easier by offering additional services that could be just the ticket you need to make your move go more smoothly.

So before you decide to simply take the basic package – there are some useful services to consider as add-ons. Here are some of the ones you should consider:

Packing & unpacking

For the person always on the ‘go’ – moving on your own can be hard enough. When you factor in all the time and thought that you have to put into packing, it can make things even more difficult. While it might cost more to have movers pack for you – remember that these guys are pros. They know not only what goes where, but they know how to pack your things in a way that’ll save both time and protect your belongings best.


Timelines don’t always go according to plan and as such, you might find yourself in the unenviable position of getting stuck between your old home and your new one. Many moving companies will offer their own storage, but most to all will help put you in touch with a storage company that can not only keep your stuff safe – but that will be able to quickly get your stuff and get it to where you need it to go fast. Some storage companies that have to manage customers with longer gap times will even take of the moving for you.

Disassembly and Reassembly

Not everything fits neatly into a box. Beds need to be taken down, electronics sometime come in a variety of components and parts and those shelves you put together need to get taken apart before they’ll fit through the door of your old home, never mind your new one. Again – movers are pros and as such, they’ll come prepared to take your items apart quickly and handle them with the care they need during transport. They’ll also have the correct tools to put them together once you get there – as if they were never broken down to begin with. It just depends on how much your sanity is worth to you!

Special items handling

Not all things are created equal and that certainly rings true when it comes to your belongings. Antiques, paintings, special furniture, glass fixtures – there are an endless number of things that can get broken, smashed and rendered useless. If you want to make absolutely sure that the things that mean the most to you make it to your home intact, it’s not a bad idea to enlist the help of your movers to transport those items specifically. They can do a lot of things – including special packaging, making custom crates and the like. Some companies even offer eco-friendly options for certain plants and other living things that can help take the edge off your budget.

The best moving companies should be well-equipped to you help you deal with the perils of moving. If you need a pro to help you move into your next home, give us a call today!