Moving is a stressful day(s) for anyone and we’re all about making the process as smooth as possible. Going along to get along is always a good thing, so today, we’re going to share with you how you can be a good customer and help us do our job as well as we possibly can.

Let’s jump in!

Let the movers do their job

I know, kind of a loaded statement in a way because your valuables are important and it’s hard to place them in the trust of anyone, even the people who supposedly know what they’re doing. But it does ring true. Our movers are pros. They know how to get things out of inexplicable situations, how to angle furniture, where to pack them in a truck, how to carry them and the like. You can trust us. Doing so will make you feel less stressed and the movers won’t feel micromanaged.

Cash, jewelry and prescription meds should be your responsibility

Remember how we said movers can be trusted? Well they can, but they get just as stressed moving the things that are important to you because they don’t want to mess anything up. When it comes to cash with anything, things can get goofy, so carry it yourself. The same goes for Jewelry – much of which can be heirloom pieces that mean way more than money or presentation. And for your privacy, we’d like you to handle your prescription meds. They’re none of our business and your privacy deserves respect.

Label boxes

If you do your job of packing up boxes by rooms and then label them with the intended room they’re supposed to go to – we’ll just simply place them there. It makes unpacking way easier for you and cuts down on time spent trying to figure out what’s going where. And it also means far fewer annoying questions from our crew of what should go where.

If it’s fragile – tell us!

Especially if said fragile item is in a box! And make sure you label said box ‘fragile’ as well. We’ll be sure to take extra care in moving it from place to place.

Don’t put heavy stuff in boxes

That’s how things break, get lost or get accidentally dropped. Some things are just better left unboxed and accompanied by a set of specific instructions of what to do with them.

Don’t disappear!

As much as we like to not be micromanaged, the opposite is also bad. Stick around! We’ll need your guidance. We’re a service industry and we want to do the best job possible and without you to guide the process, we might mess something up – so stick around!

Tips and perks

Standard tipping practice is $25-$50 per move or 10% or 15% of the total move. Also if you have some snacks or water – it goes a long way. You’re entitled to tip however you feel the service was – but just so you have industry standards, we figured we’d let you know. Little things go a long way!

Like we said – this isn’t meant to be patronizing, just a simple guide to help you get the most out of us, our service and your move! We’ll look forward to speaking with you again soon!