In today’s world, we leave leaner, meaner lives. Budgets are more efficient, our time is organized more acutely and we take great care In the way and manner in which we schedule our days. Life is hectic and moving just makes it more so.

The long and short of it is that moving isn’t something people look forward to, but timing it right can most certainly help take the edge off. Here are some of the best times to plan your move.

What’s the best time of the year to move?

People move less in the winter than they do in the summer. There’s a number of reasons for this – families don’t want to interrupt their children’s schooling mid-year, colder temperatures can present complications in the planning and physical labor that goes into moving, etc. In the case of renters – their leases usually end in the summer months, so the winter doesn’t make much sense.

While there are certainly exceptions to the rule, people like moving most during warmer times of the year. That being said – you can get out ahead of things in a way that benefits you by being your most aggressive in the house hunting process in the late winter and early Spring. At the very least you can book your move well ahead of schedule and save a boatload in rates (which most movers charge a bit more in the busy summer months) and in terms of the flexibility of your scheduling.

What’s the best time of the month to move?

The beginning and end of the month is when leases expire. Those are almost always the busier times when it comes to moving. If you can swing it – getting to the middle parts of the month will save you the most money and headaches in terms of scheduling. That means choosing a time that’ best for you.

What’s the best time of the week to move?

People like moving on the weekends largely because they’re not working. On top of it – it allows for some unpacking after the move. Just be sure that if you do plan your move on the weekend –that you do it well in advance. One trick we advise our customers to take advantage of is to pick mid-late week. That way you can take a Thursday to move, Friday to get settled and then Saturday and Sunday give you the time you need to get organized in your new home.

Best time of the day 

We tell almost everyone that the morning is almost always the best. That’s more time to arrive, get situated and begin to settle in. And from our standpoint – our employees can avoid working in the hottest parts of the day which here in the Tampa/St. Petersburg area – can be something else.

Good luck with your next move and if you need a free quote or consultation – simply give us a shout!