More Americans are working from home and starting their own businesses than ever. But with the work at home comes a lot of drawbacks. There’s the desktop, the laptop and the printer. Then the files stack up, then the paper you swore you’d never use as much of. Then you’re finding yourself with multiple work stations and let’s face it – you’re starting to notice that your job and your living space is beginning to intermingle a little too much.

Maybe it’s time you got your own office. And once you’ve made the decision to step back into civilization, it’s going to be a matter of how you’re going to get there. That’s where we come in, obviously.

But before you make that call, there are some things to consider – and that’s the topic of today’s blog – reasons why it’s probably a good idea to move your business out of the house and into an office.

Let’s jump right in.

Space has gotten too limited

We covered this on a micro level – and that’s just a scenario for your more service-consultancy oriented businesses. What if you’re in products? You obviously can’t take over the whole house and you clearly will lack the storage at some point to manage at all. Before you know it – performing simple household tasks will become, well… a chore. If you’re finding yourself cramped for space, it’s time to consider a move.

Feeling isolated

This is obviously a big one – especially if you’re flying solo. The 30 second commute is nice, but at a point – you’ll find yourself craving human interaction. And let’s talk honestly for a minute – your manners will begin to take a beating. If you’re missing the buzz of an office, the productivity of having your own space away from where you live and simply want to work those casual chats over lunch back into your life – consider a move.

Employees, you probably need them

Employers always talk about those wistful days of being on their own – but as businesses grow, you’ll find it harder to manage on your own. And let’s face it – this is when work and your home become almost impossible to manage. An office likely means you’ll have a crack at higher quality employees and you’ll need a place where they can maximize their productivity. Finding a space to rent that fits into it all is up to you – and it’s also probably time to move.

Possible savings

You mean to tell us that you’ll save money by adding rent to the bottom line? Actually – yes – you will, in most situations. You’ll generate more revenue, for one; but you’ll also find yourself trimming those costs you can’t get back – like storage units for product-based businesses. Your clients will also appreciate the professionalism that comes with the fresh new space.

When it’s time to move outside of your office and grow your business, you’ll need pro movers to make it all happen and make the transition as smooth as possible. Our team will be here ready and waiting!