Anytime you move, it’s stressful. Add kids into the mix and the stakes in everything seem to go up. And moving is not different. After all, there’s so much to think about in addition to the actual move itself – how they’ll adjust to their new home, whether they’ll make new friends, how they’ll fill in.

While we’ll leave the heavy lifting parenting to you who know best – we can give you some advice on how to manage kids during the actual move itself. Here are some suggestions to help take the edge off the process for both you and them.

Find a minder 

It’s probably best that your kids spend the day with friends or other family. Kdis are wonderful and sometimes they’re even really helpful, but most of the time moving can be a dangerous environment for them to be in. If that’s not possible, think about hiring a babysitter to tend to their needs during the day. You’ll have a lot going on!

Prepare ahead of time 

Make sure you have lunches and snacks packed – as well as a travel bag filled with things that can keep them busy – toys, games and the like. It’s also a good idea to keep necessary personal items like toothbrushes, soap, and the like handy in case of messes or longer than anticipated days.

Be on the lookout

There’s going to be a lot of traffic going in and out of your front door. Be sure that if your child is going to be present, that they’re safe and not coming too and fro. We love kids, but we worry about running into them, tripping over them and the like. Not only could they get hurt, but your belongings could potentially get damaged as well. Just keep an eye on them so everyone involved stays safe.

Moving equipment is not a source of entertainment 

Kids are kids – and that’s great. But we’ve seen moving dolly races, kids trying to tape their siblings in boxes to get ‘moved’ I mean you just name it. And you laugh. And we laugh. But there IS a serious side to it all – and that these things are dangerous and people can get hurt. And we don’t want anyone getting injured using our equipment.

The biggest thing you can do is just to be proactive and plan ahead. You do that – your move will go that much more smoothly.