A big question we get asked – and a situation we see frequently – is a situation where our client doesn’t know ‘how’ to move, so to speak. They don’t know what to pack and in what order. So in what order should you pack your stuff up and what rooms should you hit first? That’s what we’ll answer here today.

#1 – The garage, basement, attic and closets – yes, you’re reading that right – attack your storage areas first. There’s going to be stuff in there you’ve long forgotten about or don’t use anymore. This stuff needs to be thrown out and re-organized. You can cut down on almost half your move just by weeding through your storage first. The second reason is that your storage areas usually take the longest to both pack and unpack – so leaving them for last means you probably won’t ever get to them on time.

#2 – Spare rooms – anyone who lives in a home knows they have rooms they don’t use very often. Pack these up because you’ll A.) be able to do it quickly and B.) You’ll create a temporary launching pad for the rest of your move. You’ll be able to use this one to store the boxes and items you want to move, so they’re out of the way and not cluttering up your space and life.

#3 – The Kitchen – Kitchens are hard to pack because they have a lot of items that are rangy in size and durability. You have tough, but awkwardly shaped cooking utensils on one hand and easily breakable glassware on the other. Lastly – and for whatever reasons – it just feels like kitchens keep coming at you. More utensils, stuff in drawers you’ve never used, food, oh boy. But it’s important because again – you’ll be able to wade through what you need and what you don’t – and one of your toughest spaces will be out of the way.

#4 – Living room – We’ll get to them in a second, but up until the day of your move – you’ll need your bedroom and you’ll need your bathroom. The living room is great, but you don’t need it – so it’s next on the list. The good thing about living rooms is that they’re not tough jobs in terms of the volume – but there’s a lot of stuff that needs to be handled with care and can sometimes require multiple hands. Big furniture, fragile electronics and the like.

#5 – Bedroom/bathroom – This can mostly be done the day of your move and we recommend it for last. You’ll need your clothes and sheets in your next place of residence – so make these items the most accessible items during your move. You’ll also need your bathroom stuff as well. The need for TV’s and stuff pales in comparison to this stuff. We don’t recommend leaving it unpacked when the movers get there – but it should certainly be the last space you clean up.

If you need help organizing your move, don’t hesitate to call us!