Our area of expertise is the actual move itself- but the move itself isn’t the only part of the moving process. Getting off to a good start once you’re into your new residence is key to any move and will make the entire experience less stressful.

Here are some things you should do once you’ve moved into your new residence.

Let’s jump right in!

Inspect your stuff

The one thing you need to do as soon as you’re in your new living space is to inspect your belongings to make sure nothing is damaged, missing or broken. Especially when it comes to your more fragile items, be sure to check them immediately. If there is anything wrong, let your moving company know.

Unpack the essentials

We always recommend that you have an essentials bag already prepared before you move. A few changes of clothes, toiletries, bed sheets and a day or two worth of food. Moving can be overwhelming, but if you have what you need – it can help you get to the best possible start once you start unpacking.

Get your utilities going preemptively

Make sure you have your essential utilities up and running. Things like electricity, water, HVAC – make sure it’s all there. Nothing stinks worse than going without essentials in a transitional period – so make sure the important stuff is up and good to go when you show up.

The busy work of the transition

You’d be surprised at how often people put off some transitional essentials like registering their car, changing their billing address, etc. Moving is stressful and costly enough – nothing is worse than adding financial and organizational stress to the proceedings. Make sure with things like your last month’s bills that you fill out your change of address so you’re ready to live your live from all angles once you’ve moved.

Be present during inspections

This is a bit before the move – but it’s important to do because the information you gain will be so important after the move. You’ll know your new home better and you’ll be able to locate troublesome signs of pre-existing damage. Identify the important stuff – your fuse box water valves and the like. Once you’re in – even if you have some trouble spots – you’ll be able to manage them better.

If you’re looking to put a moving plan together, give us a call and we’ll help you walk through the entire process. Good luck!