Moving is stressful as is – but it’s simply a matter of getting the ball rolling that can help take a lot of the edge off the mental stress. Step-1 in ‘getting the ball rolling’ is often packing your belongings. It’s the biggest, probably the most important and easily the most stressful task you’ll undertake during the moving process.

Here are some tips for you to make packing easier – and in turn – making your move easier. Let’s jump right in!

Don’t put it off 

Try not to procrastinate. No one likes that ‘in-between’ feeling of having your belongings scattered about your living space in boxes but trust us – the sooner your things are in boxes, the sooner the move will be over and the easier it’ll be.

We recommend packing 2-3 boxes a day starting about 4 weeks out from the move. By the time moving day is there, you’ll be ready to go, well organized and ahead of the game.

Go room-to-room

The easiest way to pack your home is to go room to room – starting with your least-non-life-essential spaces first. This way, you won’t have crossover stuff going room to room and everything will be mostly neat and orderly. That way when you unpack everything, you’ll know not only where it is, but where it needs to go as well.

Label things

Make sure you label your belongings so you know what is in what box – but we also encourage you to be thorough and detail oriented. Don’t just label the boxes, label them clearly AND put a destination on there as well. That way – whether its you, your friends or your movers – people will know what’s in each box and where it needs to get to.

Use heavier duty boxes

A lot of people will simply go to the package store or to the grocery store to get their boxes and we don’t really recommend that – and for a few reasons. For one, many of those boxes are not meant for moving and can easily break. Second, they’re usually pretty dirty, which is something none of us want. Third – they’re all different sizes and can be a pain to pack and stack in an orderly manner. Go ahead and plunk a little extra cash on actual moving boxes. Trust us – they’re completely worth it.

Not everything can be packed

Some things can’t be shipped or tucked into boxes because they’re too big or hazardous. In a few rare instances, there are items that actually illegal to pack at all. Be sure of what can go on a moving truck, what can maybe go in the mail, or what you might have to move yourself.

Careful with valuables

Don’t box everything in your home. Heirlooms, important papers, legal documents – anything like that – should be packed specially and stay with you at all times. Even though movers CAN move those things for you – we don’t really like moving them for you. We don’t want to risk breaking them, losing them and the like. We’ll do it – but it’s probably best if you handle it. Trust us, you’re helping both yourself and your mover.



Moving can be a really stressful period of time, but it doesn’t have to be so long as you’re on top of things. Use these tips and your move will go way smoother. Stay out ahead of the curve and put a little thought in and you’ll be moved into and enjoying your new space sooner than expected.