Moving in the winter is usually a great time to move. Not only is it as more affordable time to move, but it’s also a far easier time to both rent a truck and or hire movers.

That being said, moving in the winter comes with a set of challenges unique unto itself and like anything, it’s adviseable to get ahead of problems before they become genuine issues.

Here are some suggestions we have if you’re looking to make a move in the winter. Let’s jump right in!

Check your company’s weather policies

If you live in an area where snow is a constant, it’s important to ask your moving company what their moving policy is. Some have no issue lugging furniture through the snow and are just as good at dealing with the weather as they are your move. On the other hand – there are some companies that won’t touch it.

Ask your company what their postponement schedule so that you if your move is on track or that you have to deploy a plan-b.

Do the maintenance in advance

Make sure you do what you’re supposed to and clear your walkways of snow and sand and salt as appropriate. And when you’re doing this – do it with a move in mind – that meaning that you’re making sure there’s room for dolleys, carts and all the things movers will need to use in order to make the move run smoothly.

Also make sure there’s plenty of traction inside the house with movers potentially tracking in snow and other slippery substances. Safety is important and it’s equally important you do your part!

Clear parking areas and lanes

Believe it or not – this really isn’t a winter decision so much as it’s just something you’re going to have to be sure of no matter what time of year. It’s just a LITTLE bit more important in the winter. Especially if you live in an urban environment or on a busy street, you’ll want to make sure parking lanes and clear so moving trucks can park there. In the winter – you’ll need to not only prepare for the space, but also make sure snow and ice is cleared. Also – make sure if you’re moving in a storm that there are no parking bans and the like.

Have hot drinks on hand

If you want to win the hearts and minds of us movers, have some hot cocoa or coffee kicking around. It’s cold out there and it’ll be deeply appreciated. And if you’re pitching in? You’ll be glad you had it on hand!

If you’re looking to plan a move anytime soon, give us a call and we’ll be happy to provide you with a free consulation. Good luck!